Mechanic Bartenders

Makr Shakr is not trying to replace bartenders, as might be suspect. The drinks I sampled were generally decent. Or as decent as the person who created them envisioned them. But bartending is more art than science, and the processing of flavors is still best done with the human touch. Not only will this help you discover a drink you might like, it also gives you a pedigree of the creation of that drink. First thing Let’s say you are looking for a drink with whiskey and you discover a drink that I have created. Not only can you see how my drink is made, but you can also see previous iterations and read my notes, “I like it, but I think I made a little too sweet this time.” You can adjust it to refine it even more. When you do, I’ll get a notification that the beverage I’m working on has another iteration. Maybe I want to try. I’m going back and making it better. Even though we never met at the bar and didn’t do it together, even though we didn’t know each other’s names, we created something together. It’s all about participatory, democratized design.

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MIT staff know this and they don’t want to change it. They are not trying to make a better drink. Instead, Makr Shakr is meant as an example of some of the principles of the Third Industrial Revolution – truly a microcosm.


Whatsapp update

WhatsApp brought the expected feature for group conversations!
WhatsApp has been a good communication app for group conversations so far. The shortcoming in this feature of the application has finally been fixed.
it can make a plenarily mundane sentence creepy. imagine you are peregrinating to a friend’s house, so you text this: [ visually perceive you anon 🙂 ] seems mundane, right? But what is you integrate the word semi to that colon? (Is that right? or is it the other way around) what is you integrate a lorry to that briquettes? (Semi-truck to that coal-on) anyway, back to the point: [ visually perceive you anon 😉 ]THAT IS JUST SO CREEPY! is that genuinely your friend, or is it a creepy stalker visually examining your every move? Or even worse, is it your friend who is a creepy stalker? maybe you cerebrated it was your friend, but it was genuinely your fri end (let me expound: you are jubilantly in McDonalds, getting corpulent while orally consuming yummy pabulum and some desultory dude walks up and blots out the sun (he looks akin to a conventional here) you can’t optically discern anything else than him, so you can’t endeavor to evade ocular perceiver contact Make money directories
WhatsApp is a good way to organize group video and audio conversations quickly and conveniently. You can have voice and video group conversations with the people you are currently chatting with on WhatsApp. Finally, a solution has been provided for a missing aspect of this feature.
WhatsApp will allow joining ongoing group conversations
If you have made a group voice or video call on WhatsApp before, you must have seen that it is an ordeal to add your friend who does not accept the call later. WhatsApp surprisingly did not offer the ongoing call join feature until now.

As of today, this annoying situation has been fixed. If a call has been made in your group and you have declined the call, you will be allowed to join later. To join the ongoing conversation, all you have to do is go to the profile of the group where the conversation is held and click the “Join” button.
With this innovation, those who use the WhatsApp group conversations feature will breathe a sigh of relief. In order to use the feature, you must make sure that WhatsApp is up to date.

WhatsApp is not a perfect app for video calling. In fact, the standards of the application aim to make fast and practical conversations instead of keeping the image quality high. For meetings or lecture events, applications designed for this job such as Zoom and Discord are more logical solutions.
On the Facebook side, WhatsApp is not the only application that allows voice or video calls. Messenger allows calls with higher audio and video quality and offers better compatibility with computers.

Did you find the newly added feature useful?