Emulsion Reclaimer

Strip Cystal (lb)
ER/35 Emulsion Remover concentrate (gal)
ER/80 Super Concentrate Emulsion Remover (gal)

400R- is a bio-degradable liquid screen reclaiming agent available as a concentrate. Translucent green in color, this product can be safely stored up to 1 year at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

HC/100 Ghost Haze Remover (gal)
Restore (qt)

Scorch Remover

Removes light scorching on colors or whites, cotton or polyester. The scorch is removed with oxidation, not bleach. Spray a small amount on the scorched area and run it through the dryer.

Screen Degreaser

Nutralyze Fabric Degreaser (gal)
Ulano Degreaser (qt)

Screen Wash

CG-4 Press Wash/Recirculating Plastisol Cleaner (gal)
GR-6V Ink Cleaner for Plastisol / Graphics / low VOC (gal)
Press Wash LV (gal)
SW147 Press Wash Spray and Wipe (gal)
Mineral Spirits (gal)

Block Out

Ulano Block Out (qt)
Red Block Out (gal)

Spot Remover

Spot cleaning equipment & chemicals are a necessity in order to recover stained garments. A percentage of your garments will need to be spot cleaned. Ink spots, caused by ink on your fingers, holes in the screen, or spots caused by fabric falling on the floor can all be easily cleaned. This is where Chemical Consultants, Inc has the ultimate answer & solution to your spot cleaning needs in terms of spot cleaning guns & exhaust systems.

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