Screen Printing Emulsions are a paste type substance, that when coated onto a mesh with a scoop coater, it dries to form a photographic type of film. When the art work is placed on the photo sensitive emulsion, and exposed to light, it creates a stencil of the art. The stencil creates a positive, of which ink can pass through onto a substrate. Emulsions are biodegradable.


Technical Data: 925WR & 925WR/CL
Technical Data: QTX

Ulano QTX (qt, gal)
Ulano 925WR (qt, gal)
Manoukian Universal (qt, gal)
Manoukian High Density (qt, gal)




SBQ-Presensitized emulsion for close tolerance printing applications for electronics and four color processing. Designed for very fine line detail and halftones. Easily reclaimable. For use with mild to aggressive solvent based inks.


SBQ-Presensitized emulsion for textile and garment printers. Easy to use, excellent details and superb durability. Superior in water resistance when used with diazo. A&B hardener may also be necessary when used with discharge inks on long runs.

Murakami One Pot (qt, gal)
Murakami Aquasol TS (qt, gal)

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