Schenk - a trademark for manual units, machines and accessories for screen printing, flock-printing and the flocking technology. You want to print or flock sportswear, T-shirts, textiles, etc. - ready made or as pieces - in an efficient way: the complete SCHENK delivery program has the appropriate solution.

The variable screen printing system of the Variprint 2002 S (right) offers up to 14 colours/ 16 stations.

With a minimum of space requirement the screen printing system of the Variprint C offers you good prospects for a better economy. The manual units and machines especially for flock-printing and the flocking technology completes our machinery program.

Workhorse Products
is the World's leading manufacturer of manual screen printing equipment! As the originators of many performance and ergonomic minded innovations, Workhorse continues to expand by setting new standards in quality, performance and value in each and every product we develop.

Ranar has been providing quality equipment to Screen Printers Worldwide for many years. Now we are pleased to offer this domain for review of the items we manufacture.

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