Ink - Plastisol Textile, Plastisol Additives, Water-Based Textile, Solvent-Based Textile, Litho & Foil for Textiles, Graphic Inks - Non Textile.

Chemicals - Sprayway Anti-Skin Spray, Sprayway Screen Opener, Sprayway Screen Printing Spray, Ulano Enzyme No. 1, Ulano Stencil Remover No. 4, Ulanogel No. 23 Fabric Abrader And Degreaser, Ulano Screen Degreaser No. 3, Ulano Sta-Sharp Adhering Liquid.

Emulsion  - Ulano and Murakami emulsion products. When the art work is placed on the photo sensitive emulsion, and exposed to light, it creates a stencil of the art. The stencil creates a positive, of which ink can pass through onto a substrate. Emulsions are biodegradable.

Supplies - Goop Scoop, Water Base Pallet Adhesive, Scrub Pads, Spatulas, Scoop Coaters, Pellon Paper, Tape, Film, Spray Products, Pro-M-Coater

Screens & Mesh  - We have the best priced aluminum screen printing frames and prestreched aluminum screen printing screens, or if you prefer wood we have the best priced wood screen printing frames and prestretched wood screen printing screens.

Equipment - Wiith respected manufacturers such as Schenk, Workhorse, and Ranar, you'll find that we accept only the best in screenprinting equipment with needs suited from the hobbyist to the professional.

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