We have the best priced aluminum screen printing frames and prestreched aluminum screen printing screens, or if you prefer wood we have the best priced wood screen printing frames and prestretched wood screen printing screens

Wood Screens

Kiln dried Douglas fir for stability.
Triple mortis and tenon corner joints for strength.
Smooth sanded on all sides.
Provided in the mesh count of your choice.

Aluminum Screens

The initial cost of aluminum frames are about $5 to $6 more than the initial cost of wood frames. When the cost of an aluminum frame is spread out over the life of the frame, the cost of the aluminum frame is a great business decision. Aluminum frames will last 20 times or more than the life of a wood frame.

For longer life and easy clean up Aluminum Screens is your answer.


Ink manufactures and every screen printer on earth has their own ideas as to what mesh should be used. We will give you our idea of mesh count usage, but feel free to make your own list.

To assist you in making your own list, think of mesh this way. Light color material needs less ink layer to cover, so use higher mesh counts. Darker color materials need a thicker ink layer, so use lower mesh counts. Remember, thicker ink layers require more cure time.

Printers using a manual press should stay between 38 and 125, maybe 158 mesh. Any mesh higher than say 196 requires a lot of strength to push the ink through. Now automatic press owners, can use the full range of mesh counts, and should use them.
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