Pro-M-Coater: Designed to provide easy user control and cost-effective performance, the Pro-M-Coater ® features rounded edges to allow quick build-up of the desired emulsion thickness, and sharp edges for applying thinner deposits and face coats. Convenient to use, the Pro-M-Coater is available in standard sizes ranging from 2 inches to 96 inches.

The Pro-M-Coater is Designed with: A 1 piece alloy construction, Large emulsion reservoir, Angled plastic end caps , A coating edge protector , Opaque emulsion cover

Block Out Tape - Use this tape across the face of the mesh to prevent pin holes, or around the inside of the ink well to keep the ink off the side of the frame.

Cloth Tape - Mostly used on the out side of roller frames, covering the mesh stays to protect the mesh from abuse, and prevent the mesh stays from becoming clogged.

Masking Tape - This masking tape is chemical resistant, made for the screen printing industry. Masking tape is used to tape the inside of the screen to keep the ink from getting between the mesh and the frame.

Pellon Paper - Pellons are sometimes called "Test Squares. Pellons are used for multiple color registration before screen printing onto the substrate you plan to sell. Pellons can also be kept to show potential customers examples of your screen printing abilities and designs.

Spatula - Screen Printers use this tool to transfer ink to and from the ink buckets. Our spatulas will be your life long friend. They are made of stainless steel and have a hard wood handle. They will last and last.

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